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Last updated Sunday, 15 September, 2002.

Here are some recent photos of Her Royal Highness in New York City.
Where else would she live?????

We have been spending a lot of time in the Children 's Zoo in Central Park, NYC.  Oh, what FUN it is to feed the sheep and goats and ride the turtles and chase the ducks!

And there's a 116-yr-old Carousel in the middle of Central Park as well!  We have spent many a day riding these horses and learning the ways of the carousel. Here, Elle is riding high on two of the horses.

Here are a couple of photos of everyday life.  In the first, we find Kamla and Elle working at cutting along a straight line.  In the second, we find Elle hamming for the camera with a slice of orange at breakfast.

January 18, 2002.  Before Elle's first snow.

Snow is a wonderful thing!

Assuming, of course, that someone else has to shovel it and you can just go out and play in it. 

January 19, 2002.  After Elle's first snow.

Chasing pigeons in the park!  What fun!

Oh, what FUN it is to chase pigeons in the park!

Especially if they keep coming back for the food on the ground.

Happy New Year 2002!

Happy Chinese New Year 4699!

May you always have the happiness of finding wonderful new things.  For instance, barrettes for your hair!

I'm ready for my closeup, Mr. DeMille....

Jogging along the Hudson River. At the playground 11-11-01.

Collection #2:  Posted October 28, 2001.  We have had our first Halloween Parade and party with Elle.  She has assumed the costume of her mother: she is that gadfly which god has attached to the state.

Sleepy lunch
Click this photo!

Click this photo to see a very sleepy kid at lunch.

10-28-01 halloween parade

10-05-01 Collection

Collection #1:  Posted October 5, 2001.  This represents our first four months home from China.

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