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Last updated Sunday, 15 September, 2002.

We have a few papers written in Chinese. This one and one other details Eleanor's daily schedule and brief history. 

Resident's Affairs Bureau of Le Peng City

August 7, 2000

Le Ye, female, was born 19th, Oct. 1999. On 20th, Oct 1999, she was found by the "emergency affairs(110)" police officer Yuan Dao at the gate of the police station of Le Ping city. She was sent to the orphanage, and then sent the home of resident ZFR for fostering until now.

Living habits of Le Ye: She usually gets up at half past 5 in the morning.  Then she will have a bath and is fed with milk powder. After eating the milk powder, she will have another sleep. At 11:30am, she will have another meal of milk powder. At 3:30pm, she will be fed once again with milk powder. Around 6:00pm, there is another bath for her and around 7:30, another time of milk powder. She goes to bed at around 9:00pm. Every day she has two times of bath.

What she eats is mainly milk powder, but she also likes apples and crackers, congee, rice, and steamed egg.  She enjoys being held outside by the foster mother and enjoys her time. She loves toys and staying in places with many other people. She can climb and sit by herself, and she loves laughing. Her personality is extroverted, and she is cheerful, very lovely, and healthy.


Eleanor's history and overview letter
The note that was found with Eleanor.

The SWI workers gave us this slip of red paper, saying it was the note that was left with Eleanor at the police station gate.

There are two sets of writing on this note.  The original writing is the vertical script, and it states Eleanor's date of birth and the time of her delivery.  Since the date is stated in terms of the traditional lunar calendar, and since the script is vertical rather than horizontal, it has been concluded that the author of this note was likely from a rural village. 

The horizontal writing at the bottom of the note is a translation of the traditional script into modern Chinese script.

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